Outdoor Lighting Systems

outdoor_lighting_systemsOutdoor Lighting Systems Add Value & Safety

Outdoor lighting systems enhance the appearance of your property with outdoor light.  Water Saver Irrigation only supplies the high quality lighting fixtures and supplies.  We keep our trucks fully stocked with long lasting, halogen and LED bulbs.

Water Saver Irrigation can also service, repair, and expand existing outdoor lighting systems.  We can make your create a lighting system for you that is 80% more efficient and cost effective. Our fixtures have a 10-year warranty to lifetime with various styles designed to fit your landscape and lifestyle. Water Saver Irrigation technicians can retrofit your halogen lamps with more energy efficient and cost-effective LEDs.   (We offer coupons on converting halogen bulbs to LED.)

With latest advancements in LED, the time is now to recognize all of the benefits of using Alliance LEDs:

  • 50,000 hour lamps
  • Lower Energy Costs (90% savings)
  • Lower Transformer Requirements
  • Less Power Requirements
  • Drop into any existing fixture, works well with any wire design
  • LESS lamp replacements
  • Eliminates call backs from circuit breakers, fuse tripping, transformer overloads


For jobs with more than 10 fixtures using LEDs becomes a better option for homeowners.

LED vs. Halogen 

  • LED’s Are Longer Lasting: LED lamp = 50,000 hours.  12 times longer than a halogen lamp. (Halogen lamps last about 4,00 hours)
  • LED’s Have Lower Energy Cost: LED lamp = 1 cent/hr. & $21.99/yr.  Cost of using halogen lamps – 10 cents/hr. & $182.50/yr
  • LED’s Require Less Power: LED uses a streamlined 150 watt transformer unit and halogen requires a large 900 watt transformer unit

(comparisons, mathematical analysis and installation information from www.allianceoutdoorlighting.com)